Right to victim support at court

You can be accompanied by a victim support worker or by another person of your choice during the trial.

There is a service called V-SAC (Victim Support at Court) that provides you with free and confidential support when you come to court, if you want it. They can give you lots of information before the trial and tell you what to expect. You can even arrange to view a courtroom in advance so you know how it will look. You can also have a trained volunteer attend the trial with you. They will be available to listen to your feelings throughout the trial.

There are other specialised services which also offer free court accompaniment. For example, if you were the victim of a specific crimes these organisations offer specialised accompaniment:

Domestic abuse: Women’s Aid

Young victims: ASSC

Rape or sexual assault:
Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Rape Crisis North East

Rape Crisis Midwest

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